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BOTW Official Launch

BOTW Week 1

The third Monday of January is widely referred to as ‘Blue Monday’, with claims that it is the most depressing day of the year for many.

However, at Lee Evans Partnership, Monday 21st January saw the BOTW Official Launch… which of course stands for ‘Biscuit of the Week’!

Each week, we will poise biscuits against one another in a bid to find the ultimate undisputed champion of the biscuit world.

For the launch, battle was waged in the Chocolate Digestive realm – Milk v Dark, Branded v Non-Branded, even Fat v Thin.  Heated debates ensured, with the room generally split 50/50 into the Milk and Dark camps.

Perhaps controversially (although I for one 100% concur with these completely scientific findings), the dark chocolate digestive ‘Thins’ took the crown, coming out victorious in both the overall taste testing and, somewhat surprisingly, the dunkability test.

Stay tuned for next week’s BOTW challenge: the Custard Cream v Bourbon Cream showdown.  Let battle commence!