Lee Evans Interiors, Orchard School, Canterbury
LEP Interiors
LEP Interiors
LEP Interiors, Sea Street, Whitstable
LEP Interiors, Orchard School, Canterbury
LEP Interiors

The LEP Interiors team, made up of interior designers with strong architectural and technical backgrounds, has extensive experience in transforming spaces, providing functional and creative ideas that meet clients’ expectations.

Each commission attracts a bespoke approach and we consistently strive to ensure that we always create timeless designs incorporating the latest technologies and sustainable materials wherever we can.

We start by exploring every new project by engaging the building users. By understanding the client’s needs, we can then take them with us on a journey of exploration to create human-centred solutions that add value, whatever their scheme.


Our Interiors services include:

  • 2D and 3D design/planning
  • Interior Design
  • Interior Styling advice
  • Interior Architecture
  • Inspiration Moodboards
  • Interior Specifications
  • Show Homes Interiors


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The Orchard School

Margate Digital

The Warehouse

Stable Conversion

Extension and Renovation


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