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International Women’s Day 2024

This International Women’s Day we want to shout about the amazing women at LEP.  We have asked each of them a bit about themselves, and created a handy graphic to help you find out a bit more about our amazing staff and what they love.  Our team have massive personalities and a huge range of interests and it is this that helps to make LEP great.

Follow the link below to see the bios of our amazing LEP team, find out what skills and expertise the women at LEP could bring to your project!  Click here to explore The LEP Team



The theme this year is ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’.  As the UN says, “Gender equality is the greatest human rights challenge, benefiting everyone.” However, as the group Women in Architecture says, “We recognise that for some, gender inequality is compounded by further discrimination, intersecting with class, disability, sexuality, race and other barriers which exclude and impede.”

At LEP we are proud of the inspirational and exceptional women that make LEP great, but these are colleagues who can continue to face barriers in the male-dominated construction industry.
We know that the built environment has a difficult legacy of enforcing gender discrimination and compounding gender inequality by design, and as architects and planners we have a duty to drive intersectional inclusion and equality through our work.

At LEP, we are proud of putting inclusion and equality at the heart of every one of our projects, using the power of good design to create better places for everyone.  We acknowledge that we still have room to improve, but we think it is important to celebrate what we have achieved so far, whilst also challenging ourselves to do better for our future.

How could the architecture and construction industries do more to invest in women, accelerate progress, and realise greater potential?

For more resources on the topic that we find useful and interesting, please follow these links:


International Women’s Day