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Invitation to Greenhill Community Planning Event

We are pleased to extend an invitation to attend a community planning event regarding a forthcoming development project in Greenhill, Herne Bay.

Date: Tuesday, 14th May
Time: 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Location: Herne Centre Hall
Address: Herne Centre, rear School Ln. car park CT6 7AP

The purpose of this event is to engage existing and potential residents in the community-building and placemaking process, to help shape a proposal that meets existing and future needs and aspirations. This is in relation to a forthcoming development for a 6FE Secondary School and the erection of up to 150 new homes including new affordable housing.

Additionally, the development will include sports pitches, a community hub, new landscaping, and access. The proposals are at an early stage of design and we anticipate that we will be submitting an Outline Planning Application (with all matters other than access reserved) in the summer, 2024.

We value the input of the community in shaping this project, and your feedback is essential in ensuring that the development aligns with the needs and aspirations of our local residents. As such, we are seeking the views of the community at this stage. During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to view indicative concept plans and design principles; ask questions to our project team, and provide valuable feedback that will help inform the development process.

We encourage your participation and look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.