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Education Week – Friday: LEP Activity Hub

It’s the final day of LEP’s ‘Education Week’, and what better way to round off our sequence of posts than with some fun for all the family!

Back in March we worked alongside local charity the Dover smART Project to create an architectural-based activity art pack to be distributed to young carers supported by the Charity, and to inspire future career ambitions – click HERE to see our original post and to read more about this wonderful charity.

As part of Education Week, we have reinvented some of the activity sheets just in time for the school holiday period.  As we all know, it’s difficult to trust the Great British weather,  so on those dreary, rainy Summer’s days, why not print off these activities and give them a go with your children (or by yourself – they’re fun for everyone!).

Be creative, and feel free to share your family’s results with us!


Click on the links below to print our activity sheets at home:

Education Week_Dot to Dot

Education Week_Origami House_Guide

Education Week_Origami House

Education Week_Spot the Difference


If you’d like to discuss any education projects, get in touch with our wonderful team.
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