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HERITAGE WEEK – Meet the Team

Heritage Week Meet the Team

As a multi-disciplinary practice, we’re proud to have many strings to our bow. Each month, we’ll spend a week showcasing one of our specialist teams.  First up, Heritage Week!

We believe that our people are our superpower, and so we wanted to kick-off ‘Heritage Week’ with an introduction to our magnificent heritage and conservation team:


Nick Lee Evans:

Senior Partner, RIBA Specialist Conservation Architect, & Best Courgette Grower in Town

Nick joined LEP back in 1983, which was at the time owned by his father, Frank Lee Evans. Now Senior Partner, Nick leads the practice’s Heritage Team.

His projects over the last 30+ years reflect his passion for heritage buildings and his commitment to the ‘Architecture of Community’ – creating spaces which flexibly meet the ever changing needs of a community, whilst sympathetically restoring and preserving important buildings.

“Our historic buildings are an irreplaceable resource, but if they are to be preserved, they need to be functional for today’s (and tomorrow’s) communities. My passion is finding ways to adapt our old buildings to suit modern uses in ways which do not destroy their architectural and historic significance – preserving their essence for future generations”

Favourite LEP Project: St Margaret’s Church, Angmering

James Wood:

Associate, RIBA Conservation Architect, & All-Round Lime Guru

Joining the Practice in 2005, James has spent much of his professional architectural career working on conservation schemes, and has since qualified as a designated Conservation Architect with the RIBA. He enjoys finding new and creative ways to design and construct contemporary additions and alterations to complement historic buildings, and has been involved in many of the Team’s award-winning schemes.

“I grew up surrounded by history, on the site of a Medieval range of monastic buildings with their palimpsest of materials and workmanship. I developed a fascination with the physical and cultural connection to the past which historic buildings provide us. They are a snapshot in time, during cultural change, or just the pure vanity of a period. This cannot be recreated and needs protection which is specific to the context of each individual site or structure. This can range from minimal repair through to a full conversion or adaptation with an honest modern intervention, to continue the story of our heritage and protect it for our collective future.”

Favourite LEP Project: Fort Burgoyne, Dover


John Minter:

RIBA Conservation Architect & Master Tinkerer

John joined the LEP team back in 2007, and has a real passion for history. His work within the Heritage team has seen him work on a wide range of historic buildings, including domestic, commercial, community buildings and churches.

With a keen interest in the use of locally-sourced materials, John loves exploring ways to incorporate sustainability into conservation schemes, for example, developing innovative ways to utilise underfloor heating in historic churches without damaging the fabric of the building.

“As a ten year-old I saw Birmingham’s heritage buildings torn down and I knew it was wrong. Our old buildings are a visual and tactile reminder of mankind’s technological development for all to see, and of lessons we’ve learned and mistakes we’ve made. They are often exemplars of enduring quality, in terms of both materials and workmanship. They are also full of embodied energy and are an immense resource in so many ways. If we are to keep the old skills alive in these times of instant and transient mass-production then we have to maintain, adapt and re-use the amazing stock of heritage material that our ancestors have entrusted to us.”

Favourite LEP Project: Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield


Natasha Paul:

Part III Architectural Assistant, & can give any ‘Bake Off’ contestant a run for their money

Architect-in-training Natasha has been with the team for a few years now, and is currently also completing her Part III studies at the University of Greenwich to officially qualify as an architect.

In her time with LEP, Natasha has worked on a variety of schemes, including masterplanning projects, new-build residential developments, and community buildings, but has remained a key part of the Heritage Team throughout, where she enjoys the contrast in projects and bringing life back into old disused buildings.

“During my degree I developed a fascination for complex detailing, focusing on wrought iron bandstands and pavilions along the Margate Coastal Path. My ultimate passion is intricate Gothic tracery with their mathematical geometry, which I enjoy capturing in my own drawings . Heritage work is much like detective work: examining architectural features to detect its history, which I find very exciting.”

Favourite LEP Project: Flint Cottage at Broome Park, Canterbury


If you have a historic building that you’d like to discuss with our specialist architectural team, get in touch!  Please call 01227 784444 or email


Join us again tomorrow for our next installment of ‘Heritage Week’…